Articles & Papers

SOME/IP – Die Middleware für Ethernet-basierte Kommunikation
Dr. Lars Völker
Nov. 2013 / Article in Hanser automotive networks / German / cached content.


The Road to SDV: how architectures lead the way
Dr. Lars Völker
May 2024 / Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services (VECS), Gothenburg, Sweden / English / slides (cached).

Is SOME/IP the right solution for the next 10 years of vehicles?
Dr. Lars Völker, Josetxo Villanueva, Jan Schäferling
Mar. 2024 / Automotive Ethernet Congress, Munich / English / slides (cached).

TCP and Automotive Ethernet – How to Resolve the Everlasting Struggle
Iago Alvarez, Karl Budweiser, Stefan Lachner, Dr. Lars Völker
Nov. 2022 / Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day, Yokohama / English / slides (cached) / external video.

Your Automotive Protocol Stack – A journey from specification to SOP
Dr. Lars Völker
Dec. 2020 / Nikkei BP, virtual / English / Slides.

Lessons learned of 10+ years Ethernet Development – Ways on keeping the complexity under control
Thomas Königseder and Dr. Lars Völker
Sep. 2020 / Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Week, virtual / English / external slides.

SOME/IP Service Discovery – The need for Service Discovery in the Vehicle
Dr. Lars Völker
May 2014 / Vector Ethernet Symposium, Stuttgart / German + English / pdf (cached).

Communication protocols for Ethernet in the vehicle
Dr. Lars Völker
Dec. 2013 / Automotive BUS Systems + Ethernet, Sindelfingen / English / external slides.

SOME/IP Tutorial
Dr. Lars Völker
Oct. 2013 / OPEN Alliance Meeting before the 3rd Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Techday, Leinfelden-Echterdingen / English.

One for All, Interoperability from AUTOSAR to GENIVI
Lars Völker
Nov. 2011 / 1st Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Techday, Munich / English / pdf (cached).

Überblicksvortrag SEIS Teilprojekt 3
Lars Völker
Sep. 2011 / SEIS Statusseminar / German / pdf (cached).

Specification Drafts / Releases

SOME/IP – Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP
Benjamin Krebs, Dr. Lars Völker
Jul. 2012 / pdf
First release with SOME/IP-SD and Magic Cookie Messages

SOME/IP – Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP
Benjamin Krebs, Dr. Lars Völker
Nov. 2011
First public release.