Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP (SOME/IP)


SOME/IP is an automotive middleware solution that can be used for control messages. It was designed from beginning on to fit devices of different sizes and different operating systems perfectly. This includes small devices like cameras, AUTOSAR devices, and up to head units or telematics devices. It was also made sure that SOME/IP supports features of the Infotainment domain as well as that of other domains in the vehicle, allowing SOME/IP to be used for MOST replacement scenarios as well as more traditional CAN scenarios.

Open Source Tool support

Since Wireshark 3.2 SOME/IP support is public! Go and get it at Wireshark. Wireshark supports SOME/IP, SOME/IP-SD, SOME/IP-TP, and configurable SOME/IP payload dissection. In the following releases some important improvements were added, like TECMP support for highly effective traffic capturing.

A generator for payload dissection configs can be found here github. Support for the upcoming Wireshark 3.6 release were already added. Stay tuned.

Next steps: